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Oxford says “no” to cutting.

Oxford Against Cutting (OAC) is committed to working to help prevent female genital mutilation (FGM) of girls and women living in Oxfordshire.


6th November 2018

We are recruiting! Find out more about the part-time Development Manager position here.

5th June 2018

We have launched our latest summer campaign to raise awareness and connect girls who are at risk of undergoing the practice with frontline services. The campaign across Oxfordshire, East Berkshire, West Berkshire and Buckinghamshire will see eye-catching posters displayed in bus stops, schools, GP surgeries, hospitals, community centres, a billboard and panels in buses. Our latest summer poster campaign is being rolled out alongside the expansion of the charity’s school safeguarding training on FGM across the Thames Valley, working with new local community partners. The posters’ appearance coincides with what is known as “cutting season” when many girls around the UK may be at higher risk of undergoing FGM during the summer school holidays. See our resources page for copies of the posters.

18th January 2018

Who Can You Tell? is our new film to help primary school children stay safe from sexual harm, including child sex abuse and female genital mutilation (FGM). The film is aligned with the NSPCC PANTS campaign and supports learning on body rights and safety. It will be launched on 6th February together with a lesson plan, suggested letter to parents/carers and an opportunity to meet the Blue Rabbit! See here for the event details.

Voices From Oxfordshire

I’s Story

August 9, 2017

I was born in Khartoum in Sudan. I was cut when I was about 7 or 8 years old.

My Mum passed away before I was 7. I was looked after by my grandmother and Dad. My grandmother was kind. For her to fulfil her role, it was very important for me and my sister to have FGM. She thought “their Mum is gone now and there’s no one to look after them”. So she did some negotiations with my Dad and his family – my other grandmother and aunties from my father’s side.

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