Web Cafes

These are safe spaces online where we hear from survivors and experts. Participants can either listen in anonymously, or take part in difficult conversations, in a non-judgemental space.

Our next Web Cafe series will be in January 2024.

Past Web Cafe Recordings

Naseem Sarbattawalia and Fatou Badjie – Barriers to accessing sexual abuse services

TikToc: Ahd Hassan, Keisy Fong and Emma Woods – Using social media to foster good mental health

TikToc: Monica Majumdar and Shahzad Younas – Matchmaking platforms: Do they encourage forced marriage and exploitation?

TikToc: Ahd Hassan and Charlotte Kelly – Barely legal: Botox and fillers

TikToc: Emma Woods and Phoebe Czachur – Asking for it? Revenge pornography – what are the laws? 

TikToc: Keisy Fong and Imran Manzoor – What does it mean to be a man? 

Rubie Marie, Caroline Goode and Jaswant Narwal – ‘Handling cases of ‘honour’-based abuse in the police and CPS’

Dr Mohammad Mazher Idriss – Male activism and the impacts of HBA on boys and men

Sobia Afridi – Fertility 

Seema Dhanak and Arifa Naeem – Mental health 

Arifa Naeem and Sobia Afridi – Female Perpetrators

Fatou Badjie and Sobia Afridi – Polygamy

Elmore, Rubie Marie and Sobia Afridi – Duress

Thames Valley Police – Modern Slavery

Dr Brian Earp and Dr Fuambai Ahmadu – Should adult women be able to consent to genital alterations? 

Naz Shah, MP and Seema Dhanak, from V2SEmpowerment and Sobia Afridi – Abandoned Brides 

Babs Ceesay and Dr Sharon Dixon, Trustee for Oxford Against Cutting – FGM and Life Stages

Nina Aouilk and Sarnjit Kaur – “Honour”-based abuse and forced marriage

Abi Wycherley and Dot Pritchard – Pornography, Body Image and Smart Phones

Sahar Zand and Sobia Afridi-  Virginity Testing and Hymenoplasty

Past Web Cafe Schedules

Schedule for Oxford Against Cutting’s Web Cafe series, TikToc, (This is Kids Tackling Online Crime) led by young people Sept-Oct 23

Schedule for Oxford Against Cutting’s Web Café Feb-Mar 23

Schedule for Oxford Against Cutting’s 2022 Web Café Nov-Dec

Schedule for Oxford Against Cutting’s 2021 Web Café Oct-Dec

Web Cafes on FGM, honour-based abuse and body image running from the 13th October to the 10th December. See full programme for details.

Schedule for Oxford Against Cutting’s 2021 Web Café May – Jul

Web Cafes on FGM, honour-based abuse and body image running from the 14th May to the 16th July. See full programme for details.

Schedule for Oxford Against Cutting’s 2021 Web Café Jan – Mar

Webinars on FGM, honour-based abuse and body image running from the 11th January to the 22nd March. See full programme for details.

Schedule for Oxford Against Cutting’s 2020 Web Café

Webinars on FGM, honour-based abuse and body image running from the 29th June to the 10th Nov. See full programme for details.



ONLINE Meet-Ups – FAQs


What are Oxford Against Cutting (OAC)’s online meet-ups?

We are running online weekly meetings for adult women to talk about FGM and forced marriage/honour-based abuse (HBA). You are welcome to join us if:


  • you have been affected by FGM or HBA or you are someone who cares deeply about ending these practices; and
  • you are a woman aged 18 or over living in the Thames Valley


The meetings have been set up to share information about harmful practices, as well as friendship and mutual support.


How do I join an online meet-up?

Please email our Project Coordinator, Dot Pritchard at dot@oxfordagainstcutting.org and say how you know our organisation.


Our meet-ups are run using Zoom so you will need to create an account with your email address if you don’t already have one.


What if I want to join anonymously?

You will not be anonymous to our charity because we will have your email address for the meetings on Zoom, although you can make yourself less visible (see below).


How will our charity protect your information and support you?


OAC is committed to providing safe, comfortable spaces online


Our charity promises:


  • We will not share your email address or anything you say about yourself or your organisation (“your information”) with other participants without your permission.


  • We will not share your information with anyone outside the group, with the exception of safeguarding concerns. Please note that if you tell us anything that makes us concerned for a child or vulnerable adult then we will have to pass this information on in line with our Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults Policies.


  • We will record in writing broad discussion themes for internal purposes only, to report to our funders and develop further resources. No one will be identifiable in these notes.


  • We may also record the first half of the Web Café where we hear from our guest speaker, but we will stop the recording for open discussion.



  • Please notify a facilitator if you need emotional support at the end of a meet-up. Please email dot@oxfordagainstcutting.org and Dot will link you with a facilitator.


  • We will hold your email address only for the duration of the project (and longer if you confirm in writing that you wish to join our newsletter circulation list) or until you tell us that you no longer want to join our meet-ups.


You can make yourself less visible to the group by:

  • Hiding your name before the session begins (Go to ‘profile’ and edit your name at the top of the page)
  • Changing your name after entering a Zoom meeting

(Click on the “Participants” button at the top of the Zoom window.

Next, hover your mouse over your name in the “Participants” list on the right side of the Zoom window. Click on “Rename”.

Enter the name you’d like to appear in the Zoom meeting and click on “OK”).

  • You can ask questions in the ‘chat’ box during the session and there is an option to make your questions and comments visible to facilitators only.
  • You can join in without video and use only audio.


What if I’m worried about joining an online meeting because it will increase my risk of domestic abuse?


  • Please only join the webinar if you feel that it is safe for you to do so.
  • You can find advice on using the internet here: ‘Cover your tracks online’

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