(Black Asian and Ethnically Diverse Women in Oxfordshire Recovering From Lockdown and Domestic Abuse)


BAED WORLDS (Black Asian and Ethnically Diverse Women in Oxfordshire Recovering From Lockdown and Domestic Abuse) is a multi-agency group set up to explore recovery support for women from BAED communities suffering abuse during the Covid-19 outbreak in Oxfordshire. The new group is part of a wider recovery group, Mapping of Domestic Abuse Recovery Services in Oxon, hosted by Oxfordshire County Council and has special focus on the specific challenges faced by BAED women.

Prior to the group set up, Oxford Against Cutting (OAC) brought together a temporary working group to consider the additional barriers created by lockdown that prevented women from BAED communities reaching specialist services. The temporary working group included local stakeholders, Karma Nirvana and the National FGM Centre. OAC subsequently ran a Thames Valley-wide poster campaign to raise awareness of support services.

The BAED WORLDS Group is currently running for an initial period of 6 months (until end February 2021) and hosted by Oxford Against Cutting, chaired by Kate Agha, Naseem Sarbatta-Walia, Sobia Afridi and Guest Co-Chair Inder Kaur-Singh (Inclusion and Community Engagement Manager for the CPS). The Group Coordinator is Hauwa Suleiman. The group’s activities are informed by the findings from a 2-year Thames Valley BAMER Project Report by Agya Poudyal.

The first initiative of the group was to create Best Practice Guidance that you can read here.

Following the success of this group, OAC has been asked to continue this work over the long term.

To promote inclusivity and shared “ownership”, OAC has invited other members to take turns to run the group to achieve specific objectives over 6 month periods. OAC will “hold” the group over the long-term and support the creation of new objectives and the transition of leadership to a new member at the end of each 6 month period.

If your organisation wishes to lead the group for a period or you would like to learn more please contact Hauwa at

The Group’s full terms of reference are here



Harmful Practices in the Workplace

Our BAED WORLDS members include:

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