Oxford Against Cutting (OAC) has created a series of five films on domestic abuse issues, beginning with ‘M’, which often carry feelings of shame or stigma within African communities. The series is called True Sharif (“sharif” meaning “honour”).

The project has been commissioned by Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and West Berkshire Clinical Commissioning Groups using domestic abuse specific funding from NHS England and focuses on the viewpoints of community members, rather than statutory agencies.

Full evaluation report can be read here.

Our 5 Ms’ cover:

  • Mental Health: A film about Mental Health and Domestic Abuse, made in partnership by OAC, Utilivu and Women with Vision.

Key messages film:

  • Men and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM): A film of Men talking about FGM, made in partnership by OAC and the Alliance for Cohesion and Racial Equality (ACRE). Supported by The National FGM Centre.

Key messages film:

  • FGM Protection Orders: A film about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Protection Orders, made in partnership by OAC, Utilivu and Women with Vision. Supported by The National FGM Centre and Jennifer Obaseki (Specialist Legal Advisor).

 Key messages film:

  • Money Abuse and No Recourse to Public Funds: A film about Money Abuse, made in partnership by OAC and Oxford Sudanese Community. Supported by Domestic Abuse Specialist, Vania Martins.

Key messages film:

  • Modern Slavery (Domestic Servitude): A film about Domestic Servitude, made in partnership by OAC and Refugee Resource.

Key messages film:

Whilst these issues can impact women, girls and families across many communities, this programme recognises the specific sensitivities and barriers to services experienced by some African communities and helps people reach support.

The films have been created with partners Refugee Resource, Oxfordshire Sudanese Community, Utulivu, Women with Vision and Alliance for Cohesion and Racial Equality (ACRE).

We are grateful to all our website visitors who share our films, to encourage open conversation and access to services. Our films include the voices of people with lived experience who have struggled against community pressures. Each film is available in English and will be available in Arabic later in the year. We also have short non-audio versions for waiting rooms.

We will shortly create True Sharif workshops on each of the 5Ms, designed for community groups and delivered with facilitators from affected communities. All our material is highly sensitive, designed to support learning on abuse issues and prevent harm, without challenging community family values. Our facilitators can run workshops for groups in English and Arabic.


Please contact us to book our True Sharif workshops for your group (from September 2022).

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