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We strongly advise media houses to refer to these guidelines when reporting on the highly sensitive issue of FGM:

‘How to talk about FGM’ guidance, End FGM European Network’

Media guidelines for HBA, by Savera UK

Web Café Recordings

Rubie Marie, Caroline Goode and Jaswant Narwal – ‘Handling cases of ‘honour’-based abuse in the police and CPS’

Dr Mohammad Mazher Idriss – Male activism and the impacts of HBA on boys and men

Sobia Afridi – Fertility

Seema Dhanak and Arifa Naeem – Mental health 

Arifa Naeem and Sobia Afridi – Female Perpetrators

Fatou Badjie and Sobia Afridi – Polygamy

Elmore, Rubie Marie and Sobia Afridi – Duress

Thames Valley Police – Modern Slavery

Dr Brian Earp and Dr Fuambai Ahmadu – Should adult women be able to consent to genital alterations? 

Naz Shah, MP and Seema Dhanak, from V2SEmpowerment and Sobia Afridi – Abandoned Brides 

Babs Ceesay and Dr Sharon Dixon, Trustee for Oxford Against Cutting – FGM and Life Stages

Nina Aouilk and Sarnjit Kaur – “Honour”-based abuse and forced marriage

Abi Wycherley and Dot Pritchard – Pornography, Body Image and Smart Phones

Sahar Zand and Sobia Afridi-  Virginity Testing and Hymenoplasty

Naseem Sarbattawalia and Fatou Badjie – Barriers to sexual abuse services



World AIDS Day 2020

This year on World AIDS Day we have partnered with Oxfordshire Public Health to produce messaging in Punjabi, Urdu and Arabic to raise awareness and break the stigma of HIV.

Watch the message here: Punjabi, Urdu, Arabic 


Instagram Lives

Lucky Roy Singh and Monica Majumdar, (10/12/2020)

Rubie Marie and Monica Majumdar, part two (11/11/2020)

Hoda Ali and Monica Majumdar, (27/10/2020)

Rubie Marie and Monica Majumdar, (08/10/2020)

Bethel Tadesse and Monica Majumdar, (02/10/2020)

Anj Handa and Monica Majumdar, (18/09/2020)

Sandy Abdel Rahman and Monica Majumdar, (14/08/2020)

Kaddy Touray and Monica Majumdar, (03/07/2020)

Hibo Wardere and Monica Majumdar, (26/06/20)


Press Coverage

Rubie Marie and forced marriage, BBC News, Feb 2024

Rubie Marie talking about forced marriages, Desi Blitz, Feb 2024

Rubie Marie talking about forced marriage, BBC West Midlands News, Feb 2024

Body Image Workshops at The Warriner School, covered by BBC South Today, March 23

Web Cafe coverage by That’s TV, February 2023

Talking about FGM in Schools, presentation by CEO for Public Policy Exchange, August 2022

Press Release: National Lottery Good Causes – July 2022

5Ms – True Sharif Films, Hauwa on That’s TV Oxfordshire, April 2022

Forced marriages continue to plague South Asian diaspora, Rubie Marie features in the Dhaka Tribune (09/11/2021)

Genetic Illnesses, Sobia and Sabrena on BBC Radio Oxford, July 2021

Press Release: Rubie Marie against honour-based abuse – her story

Increased risk of FGM and forced marriage during lockdown, Oxford Mail (21/05/20)

Tackling FGM and HBA during Covid 19, Article by CEO (15/05/20)

Press release lockdown poster campaign (07/05/2020)

Article on FGM figures in Oxfordshire, Oxford Mail (01/08/19)

Members of the Youth Wing speak to That’s Oxfordshire TV about their song and music video, For Every Girl (26/07/19)

Body image workshops, Oxford Mail (04/05/19)

Article on ‘Reclaim the Night’ march through Oxford (26/11/2018)

FGM report by Jack FM (28/08/2018)

Interview of Germaine Greer, including a challenge by Oxford Against Cutting on her views about FGM (10/08/2018)

Video on anti-FGM poster campaign, That’s Oxfordshire TV (12/06/2018)

Article on anti-FGM poster campaign (12/06/2018)

Press release on anti-FGM poster campaign (05/06/2018)

Support from Oxford City Council for Anti-FGM Initiatives (08/02/2018)

Together We Stand, a new song by In the Pink, is released to mark Day of the Girl, That’s Oxfordshire TV (12/10/17)

Fatou, a survivor of FGM, speaks out, That’s Oxfordshire TV (18/05/17)

Oxford young champions run event to launch new films, Oxford Mail (20/02/17)

Raising awareness about the Oxford Rose Clinic, That’s Oxfordshire TV (13/02/17)

Oxford Against Cutting champion helps make hit video My Clitoris, The Guardian (06/02/17)

Rose Awareness event for the Oxford Rose Clinic, Oxford Mail (06/02/17)

BBC News feature on FGM and Oxford Against Cutting (15/11/2016) (please note this report contains an error: the Rose Community, not the Oxford Rose Clinic, is an Oxford Against Cutting initiative)

Oxford Against Cutting launches campaign encouraging men to speak out about FGM, Oxford Mail (13/06/2016)

Kaddy and Dianne talk to That’s Oxford TV (02/02/2016)

Oxford Against Cutting organises FGM awareness day, Oxford Mail (11/08/2015)

Oxford Against Cutting launches The Rose Community support network, Oxford Mail (25/07/2015)

Fatou talks to That’s Oxfordshire TV (14/07/2015)

Art exhibition promotes awareness of FGM, Oxford Mail (28/05/2015)

Cheney School student organises FGM event, Oxford Mail (17/02/2015)


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