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We strongly advise media houses to refer to these guidelines when reporting on the highly sensitive issue of FGM:

‘How to talk about FGM’ guidance, End FGM European Network’


Instagram Lives

Hoda Ali and Monica Majumdar, (27/10/2020)

Rubie Marie and Monica Majumdar, (08/10/2020)

Bethel Tadesse and Monica Majumdar, (02/10/2020)

Anj Handa and Monica Majumdar, (18/09/2020)

Sandy Abdel Rahman and Monica Majumdar, (14/08/2020)

Kaddy Touray and Monica Majumdar, (03/07/2020)

Hibo Wardere and Monica Majumdar, (26/06/20)


Press Coverage

Press Release: Rubie Marie against honour-based abuse – her story

Increased risk of FGM and forced marriage during lockdown, Oxford Mail (21/05/20)

Tackling FGM and HBA during Covid 19, Article by CEO (15/05/20)

Press release lockdown poster campaign (07/05/2020)

Article on FGM figures in Oxfordshire, Oxford Mail (01/08/19)

Members of the Youth Wing speak to That’s Oxfordshire TV about their song and music video, For Every Girl (26/07/19)

Body image workshops, Oxford Mail (04/05/19)

Article on ‘Reclaim the Night’ march through Oxford (26/11/2018)

FGM report by Jack FM (28/08/2018)

Interview of Germaine Greer, including a challenge by Oxford Against Cutting on her views about FGM (10/08/2018)

Video on anti-FGM poster campaign, That’s Oxfordshire TV (12/06/2018)

Article on anti-FGM poster campaign (12/06/2018)

Press release on anti-FGM poster campaign (05/06/2018)

Support from Oxford City Council for Anti-FGM Initiatives (08/02/2018)

Together We Stand, a new song by In the Pink, is released to mark Day of the Girl, That’s Oxfordshire TV (12/10/17)

Fatou, a survivor of FGM, speaks out, That’s Oxfordshire TV (18/05/17)

Oxford young champions run event to launch new films, Oxford Mail (20/02/17)

Raising awareness about the Oxford Rose Clinic, That’s Oxfordshire TV (13/02/17)

Oxford Against Cutting champion helps make hit video My Clitoris, The Guardian (06/02/17)

Rose Awareness event for the Oxford Rose Clinic, Oxford Mail (06/02/17)

BBC News feature on FGM and Oxford Against Cutting (15/11/2016) (please note this report contains an error: the Rose Community, not the Oxford Rose Clinic, is an Oxford Against Cutting initiative)

Oxford Against Cutting launches campaign encouraging men to speak out about FGM, Oxford Mail (13/06/2016)

Kaddy and Dianne talk to That’s Oxford TV (02/02/2016)

Oxford Against Cutting organises FGM awareness day, Oxford Mail (11/08/2015)

Oxford Against Cutting launches The Rose Community support network, Oxford Mail (25/07/2015)

Fatou talks to That’s Oxfordshire TV (14/07/2015)

Art exhibition promotes awareness of FGM, Oxford Mail (28/05/2015)

Cheney School student organises FGM event, Oxford Mail (17/02/2015)


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