Welcome to the Perspectives Podcast

Our Perspectives Podcast episodes delve into topics related to FGM, honour-based abuse and body image. Listen to our team in conversation with survivors and experts, talking passionately about how we can all work towards ending harmful practices and support our friends and families who may be going through traumatic experiences.

In our first series, we have four episodes.

Episode 1: The property of my community: Women, girls and honour-based abuse

In this episode, Oxford Against Cutting’s Monica and Kate C are joined by campaigners, Payzee Mahmod and Sunny Angel, along with Oxford Against Cutting colleagues, Rubie and Sobia. The team talks about “honour”-based abuse and forced marriage. You’ll hear about lived experiences and the campaigners’ drive to end forced marriages and ensure others don’t suffer.

Wings by Sunny Angel 
Episode transcript
Trigger warning: reference to domestic abuse and violence. The recommended listening age is 16+.


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