Jasmine Community

The Jasmine Community is a network for families affected by forced marriage and honour-based abuse (HBA) and people who care.  It is run by people from affected communities and was set up in April 2020.

The group aims to provide support and advocacy work on HBA issues. During April/May 2020, the Jasmine Community held weekly Webinars for Women to facilitate open discussions on issues relating to honour and how it manifests in different cultures. All our community webinars are free to attend and are informal events. We approach HBA with nuance and expertise from communities affected by it.

Please do join our advertised community meet-ups! We will completely respect your privacy and no personal information will be shared without your consent. We ask all Jasmine Community members to do the same. You do not need to share any personal information and you are welcome to come along to just listen.

Our charity also delivers lessons and specialist safeguarding training on forced marriage and HBA. To receive our email newsletter about future events and our work, or to book lessons or training, please make a request via our Contact Us page.

We look forward to working together to end honour-based abuse.


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