Artist: Tia Cudd

‘Honour’ Based Abuse

We have recently designed a training package to include so-called ‘honour’ based violence, in particular, forced marriage.

Some 8-10,000 British nationals are forced into marriage each year, and a quarter of victims are under the age of 18.

Teachers are some of the best-placed professionals to safeguard children against forced marriage and other forms of ‘honour’ based abuse. As with FGM, teachers may be able to spot signs that a forced marriage is being planned, or that abuse is taking place within the family home. A child may show behaviour changes such as lack of concentration, appearing anxious or signs of self-harm. There are many indicators that a child could be experiencing ‘honour’ based abuse and looking out for these can be challenging, especially as some indicators can be linked to other changes in a child’s life.

Our training explores different indicators and includes learning on what the ‘honour’ codes mean to some communities. We believe that if professionals have a strong understanding of harmful cultural practices, including the reasons behind them, then they will feel more confident in spotting the signs and dealing with concerns in a way that is proportionate and sensitive.

We currently offer combined safeguarding training on FGM, ‘honour’ based abuse and forced marriage for students and school staff teams.

Please contact us to book your training session.

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