Intersectionality, protected characteristics and working with diverse groups

In this 90-minute workshop, we will address the key areas below:

  • The origins of intersectional thinking.
  • The Wheel of Power and Privilege as a tool to recognise barriers to services and support.
  • How intersectionality overlaps and combines with other frameworks (eg, legal, such as the Equality Act and Protected Characteristics).
  • Recognising intersectional needs, addressing culture, race, ethnicity, immigration status, gender, class, victim/survivor, socio-economic background, political power, marginalisation, education, skills, employment, language, societal roles, disability, discrimination etc.
  • Exploring strategies and ways of working that support those intersectional needs.

The aim is to encourage you to take an intersectional approach in your interactions with diverse communities. The workshop will provide a framework that you can adapt to your own professional environment, developing your understanding of how support might be adapted to meet more nuanced requirements in an increasingly complex world.

Previous attendees have said:


“I really enjoyed … gaining so much knowledge of Intersectionality.”



“…the event was very insightful … there was a good mix of listening and doing..

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