Meet our Social Justice Influencers!


We are so grateful to you for raising awareness to help end FGM, ‘honour’ based abuse and negative body image. You share our messages regularly, without hesitation, and we thank you for your passion and drive!

We want to show our gratitude by recognising you as a Social Justice Influencer!


Here are the wonderful people who have shared their online influence to support Oxford Against Cutting’s mission:

Rubie Marie

Rubie Marie

Our very own Ambassador, Rubie Marie, is a survivor of forced marriage and ‘honour’-based abuse (HBA). At the age of 15, Rubie was taken out of school, kept a prisoner and forced to marry and fall pregnant soon after. She endured family disownment and lived a life of poverty as a young single parent.

As well as becoming a leading activist against HBA, Rubie’s journey has taken her down the route of modelling and pageantry and she became Ms Galaxy UK National 2016, Ms Galaxy 2016/2017 International and Ms Earth UK National 2017/2018. In 2018 she achieved Ms Earth Wind first runner up and in February 2020 placed third runner up in Ms Great Britain.

Rubie is dedicated to motivating and empowering women and she has a strong passion for hope and healing. Read Rubie’s full biography here.


Fatou Badjie Ceesay

Fatou is a passionate and dedicated gender activist who is known for her work in BAMER communities to end FGM, domestic violence and other harmful practices. She has worked extensively with vulnerable BAMER women including refugees, asylum seekers and migrants during her previous role at Oxfordshire Domestic Abuse Services as Domestic Abuse Outreach Officer and now at Refugee Resource as Women’s Service Coordinator. As a survivor of FGM herself, Fatou adds a powerful and authentic voice to the struggle to end FGM and other GBV issues.

Before coming to the UK in 2006, Fatou was involved with women’s issues, working as a columnist at a local newspaper in the Gambia, addressing women’s rights and equality. She has an NVQ3 in Pharmacy Technician and holds a first-class degree in International Relations and Business Management. She is Secretary General of Care for Women and Girls charity in Birmingham. Fatou previously worked as Community Outreach Director for OAC.

In her free time, Fatou hosts live Facebook programmes on difficult conversations about issues affecting women and girls including FGM, polygamy, maternal mortality, sexual violence, breast cancer and objectification of women.

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