A new workshop from Oxford Against Cutting coming soon:

Healthy Masculinities

In this 90 minute workshop, we’ll be exploring the key areas below:


  • What is toxic masculinity?
  • What type of man am I? (self-evaluation*)
  • The ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ in me
  • Small groups – Unconscious bias
  • Sex, misogyny and power
  • Self-observation and spiritual development
  • Courage to challenge, and change, the paradigm
  • Creating and maintaining healthy masculine networks


The aim is to encourage healthy relationships within masculine networks, to allow those who identify as masculine to do so without the toxicity, as well as allow them to challenge areas of harmful practices.


Imran Manzoor – Consultant and Facilitator

Imran is a trained psychotherapist, behavioural psychologist, trainer, racial justice campaigner and educator. He regularly delivers training on the intersections of race and gender; men, ‘honour’ based abuse/violence and forced marriage; spiritual abuse; the psychologisation of the PREVENT agenda; white nationalism, incels and online hate. He is a guest lecturer for the University of Bradford and Nottingham Trent Universities.

Imran is also the Founder of Breaking the Silence, a psychotherapeutic programme founded in West Yorkshire, but now operating nationally. Breaking the Silence supports male survivors, from racialised communities, who experienced trauma and abuse in childhood. Over 1000 men have accessed their services since their inception in 2012.

In addition, Imran is a specialist in Holocaust Education and its contemporary relevance (e.g. PREVENT, Windrush) and has worked in collaboration with several institutes, including the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, to improve the standard of their English language programmes and remove/improve language that upholds structures of inequality. He is a board member of the Ministry of Justice’ funded Male Survivor Partnership and has worked in a consultancy role recently for both the Ministry of Justice (Victims Bill consultations) and the Home Office (updating the Male Survivor Position Statement that is incorporated in the VAWG strategy).

Imran is an experienced speaker, having appeared across a range of platforms, from academia to national radio. He is a frequent guest on podcasts marketed to South Asian audiences, focusing on mental health and masculinity, including We Hear You (Power, Socialisation, and Gender): Empower & Enable.

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