REACHING SERVICES – Supporting BAMER women to reach sexual violence services


Who is the workshop for?

Women from BAMER communities who meet as a community group.

BAMER means Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee communities.


What is included?

Workshops are tailored for the group and can include:

  • The power of secrets
  • What is a healthy sexual relationship
  • What is sexual violence, including honour-based abuse and forced marriage
  • Consent to sexual relations
  • Barriers to disclosing and reporting sexual violence, including “honour”, “izzat” and shame
  • Sex in marriage – what is marital rape?
  • Religious perspectives on sexual violence
  • Impact of reporting
  • Support services


Who will deliver the workshop?

All our workshops are delivered by women from BAMER communities. We will be happy to arrange for our facilitator/s to lead the workshop, together with a co-facilitator from your community group.


DELIVERING SERVICES – Supporting sexual violence services to reach BAMER women and girls


Who is the workshop for?

Sexual violence services supporting women and girls from BAMER communities.


What is included?

Workshops are tailored for the group and learning outcomes can include:

  • Barriers and cultural norms that can prevent BAMER women accessing sexual violence services.
  • Types of sexual violence that can be suffered by specific BAMER groups, such as honour-based crime and forced marriage.
  • External barriers to abuse services providing effective support for BAMER women.
  • Best practice and solutions to breaking barriers and creating bridges between victims and services.


Who will deliver the workshop?

We recommend this workshop is delivered by our facilitator/s from BAMER communities in partnership with a facilitator from your sexual violence service.


Please contact us for further information and to book your workshop.


What resources are there for women and girls suffering sexual violence in the Thames Valley?

Here are some leaflets for:


Girls (with printer marks)


Women (with printer marks)


Watch the New Bridges film, Be Safe, Be Strong! created by young people.


How were the workshops designed?

New Bridges workshops were designed following collaboration between Oxford Against Cutting (OAC) and The Sunrise Multicultural Project (Sunrise). The partners created a toolkit for community groups and professionals to help tackle sexual violence against women and girls in BAMER communities.

The partners have piloted the workshops with BAMER women and services to address “internal” barriers which prevent women and girls from seeking support following sexual abuse, as well as workshops for specialist sexual violence workers to address “external” factors, such as learning for services and staff about cultural norms. The short film was created by young people from BAMER communities to highlight key issues around sexual violence in these groups.

The project supports the provision of early intervention and support, by creating bridges between BAMER communities and services. The project was funded by Thames Valley BAMER Project.


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