Inclusive Perspectives


Inclusive Perspectives is a new initiative being developed by Oxford Against Cutting to support other groups and charities to ensure training materials (such as workshop plans and handouts) are suitable for the intended audience from an intersectional perspective. Our primary focus is a perspective of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and we bring a wealth of practitioner and academic experience around gender and other individual characteristics. 


This consultancy was born following requests from partners for our specialist team to review their resources from a multi-lensed perspective, to ensure materials are culturally sensitive, gender-appropriate, and user-friendly for all ages and abilities.


We review documentation as a team and agree on suggestions for improvements, focusing on the use of language/text/narrative and images, as well as the general application to the target audience.


Our team currently represents 8 different cultural groups and has specialisations in a wide range of issues, including gender, abuse, and health, as well as equality and diversity. 


At this point, we are offering free of charge consultancy for organisations, to review short workshop plans to help us set up this pilot, in return for feedback and references. 


Please contact Hauwa Suleiman at to request a review of your materials by our team.

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