Community groups

Oxford Against Cutting provides awareness-raising workshops for community groups, as well as training for professionals.

All our sessions are delivered by facilitators from affected communities.

We are pleased to have delivered anti-FGM workshops for many local groups including:

Oxford Nigerian Muslim group, Sudanese women’s group, East African women’s group, Gambian women’s group, National Citizenship Service groups, Banbury counsellors, Oxford City Amnesty International and East Oxford Woodcraft Folk, to name a few!

We have also participated in training events/conferences hosted by artist Hugh Palmer (“Hatched” art exhibition in Oxford 2017), Oxford University (conferences organised by Dr Tobe Levin), AFiUK, 28TooMany, the Department of Health, Sheila Kitzinger seminar at Green Templeton College, Integrate UK, FORWARD’s pan European conference, Tackling FGM in Schools, training for specialists hosted by the Chair of the FGM Operational Group in Oxford and Oxford University Gender Equality Society.

Examples of feedback on our sessions:

“It was really informative and interactive” (Amnesty International Oxford City member)

“Brilliant presentations! Kaddy was inspirational, eloquent and brave!” (Amnesty International Oxford City member)

“The group of young people we are working with were deeply affected and inspired to bring about more awareness of FGM. They have asked for more information!” (Oxfordshire Youth NCS Facilitator)

Please contact us to book a tailored, in-house session for your community group.

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