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R’s Story

August 22, 2015

I am from Gambia. Both my parents are from the Fula tribe.

My Grandmum decided I should have circumcision. I was 7 years old. After a month when you are healed they make a ceremony.

Circumcision is a traditional belief but it causes a lot of harm. It’s a problem when you’re giving birth. It causes a lot of problems.

I would not like my daughter to experience the same thing in life. It is too painful. It causes a lot of harm.

In our tradition if you are not cut it’s a shame for you and they call you all sorts of names. You feel disgrace.

They can’t do anything if I go on holiday to Gambia now. I will protect my daughter. In the olden days they would force you. Now they ask if you are ready to take your child for circumcision and if you say “no” they don’t force you.

A lot of my family are educated now – they have been to school and they are aware of the problems of taking a child for female circumcision.

I cannot blame my Grandmum because it is a tradition. I would advise not to practise it as it causes harm to the child and we know as we have already experienced it.

Most people practice it because of religion but I think they are just saying this because Islam cannot ask you to do something that will harm you.

When we went to see a doctor in Oxford she explained all the harm caused by circumcision and my husband decided we will not do it to our daughter.





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